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Advisory, accounting and payroll services

“Make the financial information relevant and understandable.”

Advisory, Accounting & Payroll Services

Accounting and financial support 
Be sure that your accounts are prepared accurately, promptly and cost effectively.
  • Accounting support (outsourcing, assistance and review of the accounting department)
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Preparing forecasts, business plans, key performance indicators,
  • Assistance in the implementation of new software,
  • Suggesting improvement in accounting controls and procedures,
  • Outsourcing of the finance department management role,
Business Development 
Over the traditional accounting services, Odiceo provides you with the information you need to understand and develop your company.
  • Assisting clients to achieve better efficiency
  • Assisting in determining costing and pricing of products / services
  • Business modelling, 
  • Managing and planning cash flow
Human Resources and payroll services
Our specialists will help you in a complex and changing legal environment.
  • Compliance with social regulations and labor act, 
  • Preparing monthly payroll and annual payroll statements,
  • Technical assistance in social regulations and requirements,
  • Social charges and labor act reviews and specific advices.
  • Outsourcing of human resources department
  • Expatriates tax compliance and advisory
Tax assistance and optimization
  • Compliance with tax regulations, 
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Assistance during tax control,
  • Tax optimization,
  • Assistance in specific areas or regulations (research tax credits, young innovative entities “J.E.I.”, state grants…) 
Acquisition and sale of business
  • Valuation of companies or assets,
  • Succession planning
  • Assistance in negotiations for sale/purchase of business
  • Customized training for management
  • Training for accounting and financial department

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