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Setting up and managing your business in France

Our main objective is to make your business move to France a success

Business registration
With personalized and high quality services, we can provide assistance to set up your business :
  • Choose the appropriate legal form of the company depending on the investor’s development strategy and financial commitment, taxation, social benefits insurances
  • Prepare incorporation documents such as articles of incorporation and bylaws,
  • Prepare legal company registration, legal announcement and social registration (social insurance, pension fund...),
  • Protect industrial property rights such as patents and trademarks,
  • Facilitate the introduction with other key contacts such as Business Incubators, Banks, Lawyers, capital Investors...
Provide unique and specialized services
We act as a facilitator to ensure the initial success of the investment project through an assistance to :
  • prepare strategic and operational analysis, business plans,
  • collect financial aids from public supports, notably for innovative and start-ups entities : R&D tax credit, regional development grants... 
Following your business development
Once your project is operational, we provide a follow-up service that is designed to assist you in satisfying both local obligations and foreign investors’ requirements. It will guarantee your management to remain focused on business development. We consider this after-care service to be one of our top priorities.
Accounting and administrative management
  • Contractual review of local accounts
  • Preparation of Financial statements
  • Set up and/or review reporting packages in accordance with French GAAP, US GAAP or IFRS
  • Set up and/or review administrative and control procedures
  • Implement management reporting and operating reports
  • Mailing and secretary outsourcing


  • Take in charge the entire payroll process (work contracts, social charges statements…)
  • Assistance with payroll and audit regulations (Social charges French Authorities – URSSAF, Work Authorities inspections...)
  • Human capital : identification of expatriation issues with the assistance of our DFK contacts in your home country. 
Legal & Taxation
  • Take in charge the entire legal and tax process (Annual tax statements, VAT statements...)
  • Assistance to tax controls or legal authorities inquiries, 
  • Analyze the legal ways to repatriate profits through dividends, interests, royalties or management fees

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