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Transaction services

“Selling or buying a company should be a « win/win » transactions for both parties”

Evaluation & Transmission

Odiceo is mainly focused on family owned and owner managed businesses.
Assistance to the vendor 
  • At the very beginning of the idea to sell a company Opportunity study,
    Company’s appraisal.
  • Once the decision to sell matured 
    Assistance to legal reorganization and anticipation of tax impacts,
    Identification of main value actions to undertake,
    Reinforcement of clear strategy, and management organization.
  • When comes the time for negotiation 
    We help the vendor to prepare the sale memorandum,
    We assist the vendor during the negotiation phases,
    We ensure the tax burdens are minimized for the vendor,
    We help manage the transaction to completion and prevent vendor from unjustified effects of warranty claims.
Assistance to the buyer : ( individuals or companies looking for acquisitions)
  • When germinates the idea :
    We help identify the potential proper targets , using data base access and specialized software : DIANE, XERFI and PREFACE
  • Once the right target is identified :
    We perform a realistic company’s appraisal tailored to your specific situation
    We , then, assist you all along the acquisition process, negotiating terms and liaising with other advisers and parties till completion
    We perform due diligence investigation in relation with lawyer offices and other adapted business specialists in order to ensure a total risks’ coverage and avoiding duplication
    We will assist you tailoring the financing of the acquisition looking for possible tax optimization
Upon the completion of the acquisition :
We shall help you set up an information system which complies with your personal views and objectives for the business
We shall help you determine all impacts of first consolidation and implement a reporting package in accordance with your accounting manual. 

In case of ailing company
The first emergency measures should be :
To evaluate the real financial situation of the company,
To identify and estimate the risks linked to the acquisition,
To formalize an economic and financial recovery package,
If requested, to conduct the negotiation with the “Tribunal de Commerce” within the legal framework of a “collective procedure”.

ODICEO know how
We assure you of a total confidentiality all along the acquisition / selling process. Because quality of personal relations between ODICEO and its clients stands at the top of our concerns, we are able to investigate with them all aspects and consequences of the deal : personal and family level, family wealth, business strategy…i.e. the prerequisite to deliver proper advices.

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